Sleep regression – how does this effect my baby?

May 29 2019

Sleep regression is a period of time (anything from a few days to a few weeks) when your baby or toddler who has been sleeping well suddenly starts waking at night. In addition naps can suddenly be disrupted as well.   Why call it a sleep regression? Despite it being named a regression, there is no evidence to show that your baby’s sleep is actually regressing in any way. In fac...

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Nap time – how to get your baby to nap well

May 29 2019

Naps can be a real pain. That overwhelming fear that they will wake before they are meant to, as you excessively tip toe around the house. Or what’s sometimes worse is the anxiety leading up to nap time not knowing whether they will go down or not. Then just as they do, your bum just about touches the sofa and they’ve woken again. Urgh! Here are some helpful tips to improve you...

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Managing your sleep, exercise and diet as a new mum

May 21 2019

I’m not just a paediatric sleep consultant, I’m a mum too. So, I can easily say I’ve been in your shoes (or should I say slippers and PJs) when it comes to post-baby exercise. The trouble with postpartum fat-loss is that you just don’t have time to be messing around with the wrong type of exercise. Too much to think about: new baby, no sleep, leaky boobs. Then the extra fla...

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Sleep deprivation – the hardest thing I have ever had to endure

Apr 22 2019

When I was pregnant, I heard it all, as soon as my belly started to dominate me, everyone was desperate to tell me their parenting horror stories. From cracked nipples to 03:00 AM nappy explosions. However the most popular stories people liked to share on an apprehensive pregnant woman were always about sleep deprivation. My baby, like many new-borns, we went through the colic stag...

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Mother’s Day, we’ve got the perfect gift!

Mar 27 2019

Mother's Day, the perfect gift explained! As a Mother, Nurse and Sleep Consultant, I am passionate about health promotion and wellbeing. Sleep is an integral part of feeling well and being able to function at your best. Getting enough uninterrupted sleep goes beyond just being able to get through the day. It’s benefits are important for the long term mental and physical wellbe...

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Thumb sucking- how to get your child to stop

Mar 19 2019

Has your child discovered that sucking their thumb is even better than their favourite stuffed bunny or blanket? Or perhaps they suck their thumb while falling asleep, while watching TV, or when they are scared or upset? Or maybe up until now it hasn't been an issue, as they were only using it for a few minutes at a time to soothe their self, but now you’re thinking it's tim...

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Toddler bed transition, is your child ready?

Feb 22 2019

Two pretty smiling kids embrace under blanket Toddler bed transition, is it time? Toddler bed transition can be stressful and a little scary for some parents. When it comes to making the transition from a cot to a bed, there are two questions that need to be answered. The first is when? and the second is how? Firstly, there is absolutely no rush to get your toddler out of ...

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Overtired babies, why do they struggle to sleep?

Jan 11 2019

An overtired baby When a baby is overtired they become too tired to sleep. In addition when the baby finally dozes off they are likely to continue to wake through the night and more than likely wake early the next day. It sounds conflicting I know. So here is the science bit: When your baby is overtired, it simply means that their body is past the point of being ready to s...

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Electronic devices and sleep, how does this effect you?

Nov 14 2018

Electronic devices and sleep. We find ourselves submerged in a generation of technology. With the use of smartphones, iPad, laptops and so much more, we are kept connected and informed across the world. But at what cost is this having on our sleep? As a certified sleep consultant I see how the regular use of electronic devices negatively impacts the number of hours sleep you get...

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Routine – how does it help your child sleep?

Oct 22 2018

Routine -why do children like it? Whether it’s the surprise green brussel sprout sitting on their dinner plate, or a big life event like moving to a different school. It is common for children to have fear around the unknown. However, this is life and we can't avoid these different scenarios that take us out of routine and we wouldn’t want to either. Repetition and structure d...

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